Wektor - textile wholesaler was established in 2000. We import and distribute specialized fabrics for the production of work and professional clothing. Our warehouses are equipped with millions of meters of high quality fabrics woven on beams of fabric in various weights and color.

Starting from the basic fabrics for work clothes, along with the development of the company, Wektor introduced new products to the market. To meet the expectations of our customers appeared fabrics with high standards, strengthened, providing the highest protection for the employee.

Fabrics from our warehouses are used to produce clothes, among others in the following industries: medical, catering, hotel or construction industry. The offer also includes fabrics for outer clothing, Outdorowa, Oxford, Polar, or for camouflage lovers - Moro US.

In 2018, we created ProtectLine® - a line in which there are specialist fabrics: flame retardant, anti-electrostatic, acid-protecting.

The ProtectLine fabric line has been specially developed to meet the high requirements of safety, protection and greater comfort of use, among others in the foundry, welding, electricity, electronic and chemical industries.

We also offer fabric created for industrial washing - RS 245 Superior. The fabric is ideal for rent and laundry in specialist laundries.

Now available for you are cotton towels Palermo in 500g / m² basis weight. Universal towels in a wide range of colors.

Wholesaler Wektor, focusing on continuous development, enlarges its offer not only with new products, but also enriches the range of colors of fabrics.

Through our experience and individual approach to the customer, our Sales Department provides solid and reliable service. For our part, we ensure fast order fulfillment and the ability to deliver the fabric with our own transport.

We invite you to contact us and get acquainted with our offer.

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